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Bumbles donates dolls to Reeves-Reed Arboretum evoking smiles & positivity

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Jackie Kondel, Executive Director of Reeves-Reed Arboretum is thrilled to accept the donation of the Bumbles Dolls that left an enchanting air of positivity throughout the grounds and to all the participants of the yoga class.

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Spreading even more Joy and evoking Smiles - recently a most happy delivery of Bumble Dolls were received by the Reeves-Reed Arboretum. Crafted with love and sent with warm wishes, the cuddly  Bumble Dolls stuffed with Lavender were gifted to the women in their yoga and medication classes. The intention was for the dolls to serve as a reminder for each participant to move through life with a happy and positive attitude. The Arboretum was thrilled with the reception by each woman who lovingly accepted their gift.

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During these difficult times, Bumbles donates dolls to NJ Institute for Disabilities.

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NJID offers specialized facilities, programs and support throughout the State of New Jersey for infants, children and adults w/developmental and related disabilities.


Robert Link, Director of Residential Services accepting Bumbles Dolls from Max and Jake Loeffler.

Spreading Joy and Creating Smiles - recently a most happy delivery of Bumble Dolls were received by the New Jersey institute for Disabilities. Crafted with love and sent with warm wishes, the cuddly  Bumble Dolls are waiting to be delivered in the arms of the children and adults served by NJID. The creator of Bumble Dolls is Maxmillian William Loeffler, who was inspired by the professionals who care for his sister during her illness.  Becoming a hospital volunteer, Max was further motivated  by expressions of gratitude and kindness that filled his days. Max designed and fabricated the dolls and soon began constructing them for distribution to hospitals and nonprofits. During the difficult days of the pandemic, the gift of Bumble Dolls was most appreciated.  JID salutes Max and his team of creative and dedicated volunteers who know that smiles are priceless and gratitude pays it forward. Heartfelt thanks to all..

Loeffler Bumble Doll 8 2020.jpg

Bumbles Dolls donates 230 face masks to the Overlook Foundation for the mother & baby floor.

Thank you to Bumbles Dolls' President/Founder, Maxmilian Loeffler, and Vice President, Jacob Loeffler, for their donation of 230 stylish masks. We at Overlook Medical Center are grateful for your dedication to our community.


Bumbles Dolls Vice President and President/Founder Jake and Max Loeffler.

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Bumbles creates and donates face masks to Trinitas Foundation

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.53.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.56.24 PM.png

Bumbles creates and donates face masks to Trinitas Foundation for non-patient spaces at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, NJ.

Bumbles Dolls for All at Trinitas Regional Medical Center New Point Campus.

Trintas Weekly 2.jpg
Trintas Weekly 3.jpg
Trintas Weekly 1.jpg

This is NJ's ONLY hospital with impatient beds for children with developmental disabilities and mental illness. One of the nation's few behavioral health hospitals with its own Primary Care Medical Clinic. One of only two Crisis Step-Down units for youth in NJ.

Natasha Loeffler then Donated
100 Bumbles Breast Cancer Dolls 

Max Personally Distributed Bumbles Dolls to Patients as he Donated 100 Dolls. 

Natasha Loeffler, Bumbles Secretary, then Donated 100 Bumbles  Breast Cancer Dolls to the Connie Dwyer Breast Center which proudly partners with Trinitas Regional Medical Center bringing a Connie Dwyer Breast Center to the greater Elizabeth, NJ community. With the most up-to-date equipment and services available. Natasha as well as Max handed the dolls to patients in need.

Gary S.Horan, FACHE President/CEO Trinitas Regional Medical Center and Loeffler, Founder, Bumbles Dolls.

Prada USA Partners with Bumbles Dolls to donate to the P.G. Chambers School for Special Needs Children for their unique mission.

All of us here at Prada are looking forward to donating these Bumbles Dolls to the P.G. Chambers School for Special Needs Children. Their mission is "Discovering the unique potential within every child." Thank you Max for this generous donation.

The Bumbles donation was made to Prada in honor of Dolores DiLanno and Jerry Rose.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 8.39.00 PM.png

Bumble Dolls were Created by a College Bound Teenager with a Big Heart:

Made in the USA

> Materials all Donated


> Stitched & Stuffed Personally


> Gifted to Hospital Patients


> An Ambition to Inspire

  Maxmilian William Loeffler  

Founder & Creator of Bumbles

Max realized while volunteering at Overlook Medical Center, that gratitude is expressed in different ways because people can apply it to the past by remembering positive memories, apply it to the present by not taking successes for granted, and apply it to the future carrying a hopeful and positive attitude. He was interested in capturing this feeling and sharing it with others, and Bumbles Dolls were born. Max's ambition is that these special dolls inspires those that receive the gift of gratitude to keep it alive and pass it on. The story behind their creation is quite fascinating.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 7.58.52 AM.png

On behalf of the State of NJ, I am pleased to recognize your contributions to Overlook Medical Center through your company, Bumbles. You must feel a sense of pride from your accomplishment.

Best wishes,
Chris Christie, Governor

A gift of gratitude from Max to Jack honoring sacrifices of American military kids everywhere.

Ft. Bragg Fisher House Non-Profit Organization
Fisher Houses provide military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury. 


Jack Smaller 0179.jpg
Jack Smaller 0134.jpg

Thank you Max for remembering our children and honoring your sister in this special way.

Proud Daughter of an Army Fisher Houses' Board Member (2016).

Proud Son of an American Military Sergeant (2019).

Summit teen's essay on a faceless doll turns into Bumbles LLC, a business with a heart.

By Barbara Rybolt | Independent Press

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on November 04, 2014


Max Loeffler stands by the sign for the Bumbles Trunk Sale at Bloomingdale's in Short Hills. He based the faceless doll on one his sister carried with her all the time at home and in the hospital. He designed the dolls, picked out the fabric and has a team of volunteers who help him make them.


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