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Special Thanks

 Thank You for this Group Effort:  


Teddy Bear Foundation and Overlook Medical Center

For the donation of the materials to develop the Dolls


Women that helped create and make the dolls with Max:

Ofelia Errazo-Lopez

Emma Errazo

Estelle Bodner


Special Thanks to:


Alan Lieber

President of Overlook Medical Center


Susan Thomas

Manager of The Patient Experience and
Volunteer Services, Overlook Medical Center 


Ed Mazzella

President and General Manager for Comcast Spotlight, NYDMA


Franco Zito

Director of Research and Marketing, NY DMA, Eastern Division,
and Comcast Spotlight


Natasha Loeffler
Director of Communications, Bumbles Dolls

Jayne Bierman

Website and Internet Branding Creator, Classy Websites of NJ/NYC

Julie Woloshin
Bumbles Dolls Instagram


Elizabeth McNiel

For helping to create the Logo and The Tag

Natasha Final.jpg

Deep Appreciation and Thanks


Natasha Loeffler
Director of Communications 



Pictured above is Ben Carson, MD (left) with Carol James (right) his surgical assistant, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland holding Theodora.


Maxmilian would like to thank the doctors from John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland - for helping my sister through the roughest times in her life:

Gary Bellus, MD

Ben Carson, MD

Clair Francomano, MD

Steven Kopits, MD

Gerald Loughlin, MD

Bernard Marsh, MD

Walter Pegoli, Jr. MD


I would like to thank both Dr. John Cavuto and Dr. Abba Cargan for their continued support for my sister, Theodora.

Pictured above is Theodora's original doll that inspired Max to create Bumbles.


Deep Appreciation and Thanks


Melissa MacPherson, as a Summit High School Senior, has provided exceptional loyalty and commitment as a volunteer completing many tasks related to the Bumbles Dolls mission.



Estelle Bodner.jpg

Estelle Bodner, thank for sewing so many dolls.


Julie woloshin.jpeg

Julie Woloshin, thank you for our Instagram 


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