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The Story

 The Story  



Through the years I have watched medical professionals take care of my sister who has a genetic condition called Achondroplasia. I began volunteering at our local hospital between football practices and school. I realized after each volunteer shift that I felt positive and optimistic. I began carefully observing human behavior and interactions in this place and was intrigued by the gratitude I received and witnessed from patients. I researched the subject of gratitude and became fascinated by its significance. I learned first hand that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions. It also allows people to appreciate good experiences, boost their health, and cope with hardship.


Gratitude is expressed in different ways because people can apply it to the past by remembering positive memories, apply it to the present by not taking successes for granted, and apply it to the future carrying a hopeful and positive attitude. I was interested in capturing this feeling and sharing it with others. My ambition is that this inspires those that receive the gift of gratitude to keep it alive and pass it on.



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